Selling in Education

UK schools spend around £85 billion EVERY YEAR!  The education market is a dynamic, innovative sector that loves new technology and ideas which have a genuine impact on young people’s lives.  So why is it so difficult to sell to?


How many of these frustrations have you felt?

  • There are 30,000+ schools in the UK alone, why aren’t more of them buying my product?
  • The market’s completely saturated; there are tons of competitors with lower-priced products and the big companies take all the market share anyway
  • If schools only knew about my company they’d definitely buy; the product sells itself
  • How can I possibly get in front of all those schools and teachers, it would cost far too much per sale
  • Schools are suffering from budget cuts all the time and have no money to buy products such as mine
  • Marketing costs a fortune and doesn’t work; schools don’t respond, the mailshots go in the bin and the emails don’t even get opened
  • Why am I not further ahead by now?  What am I missing?

My guess is you’ve felt most of the above as almost everyone selling into education does!  So perhaps it’s time for a fresh pair of eyes.


Working with Sarah

Part consultant, part coach, I’ll support your businesses and create a transformative impact on profit.

As an expert in the education sector and growing new businesses, I’ll ask probing questions to help you to dig deep but will also give advice and guidance based on real-life experiences.

a fresh pair of eyes

Offering an opportunity to brainstorm and problem-solve, during this strategy meeting we’ll go through what you need to do to make your business work and plan how you’re going to make it work.  This session will help you with issues such as:

  • Structuring your business and creating the right business model
  • Marketing, networking & branding
  • Creating your Value Proposition,
  • Identifying your target market and ideal client
  • Agreement and proposal writing
  • Pricing your solution and dealing with price negotiations
  • Leveraging relationships
  • Guaranteeing recurring income and upsells
  • Establishing a strong online presence
  • Outsourcing and delegating
  • Business processes and systems

The session will be followed up with a comprehensive set of recommendations, tips and strategies to help grow your business and plan for the future.

Price:  £585 + VAT (plus any necessary travel costs)



working in partnership

I’m privileged to be able to build long-term partnerships with businesses and have a small portfolio of clients I work with regularly as part of their team.  If you would like to discuss a similar partnership please get in touch at for an initial chat.



supercharge your sales

My Supercharge Your Sales programme is based on the most asked-for advice and coaching requests I receive.  It’s 10-sessions long and you can work your way through at your own pace.

Supercharge Your Sales isn’t so much a coaching programme as an implementation programme.  You’ll need to get your hands dirty as we work through it but you’ll learn the strategies behind everything we do.

The end result: a profitable, long term strategy for selling to schools and academies which will support your business forever!

Check out the Supercharge Your Sales page for more details.